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site fotoWelcome to my website! Since I was young, I loved the black and white keys.But I also love to create sounds! The music of Jean-Michel Jarre has been a big influence on my musical taste. But also the Berlin School of EM has been a source of inspiration.

Since I was 12, I have been creating my own music and I have released two albums: Pythagoras in 2012 and Mirrorland in 2013.

On this website I will keep you up to date on my musical journey and share some nice music with you.

Enjoy the music!

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More live videos


e-day smallYou may have already seen them floating around facebook or on the Synthex YouTube channel, but the videos from the live performance at the E-Day festival are now also availble for viewing here, on the official Synbthex website. We will post all performed songs in the Watch section, in the right order and per set.

We started with the first set. Four songs are available: Analogue Solutions, Hitchhiker in Space, Modulator and Mirrorland part 2. Two more will be added soon. At the E-Day festival, Synthex performed a few tracks from teh upcoming new album, Mirrorland, so be sure to check out the songs, so you can get an impression of the new album.

It was fantastic to have none other than Gert Emmens joining in on many tracks, creating a great sound together. Gert, thank you so much, it was great!

Click here to see the videos.

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