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site fotoWelcome to my website! Since I was young, I loved the black and white keys.But I also love to create sounds! The music of Jean-Michel Jarre has been a big influence on my musical taste. But also the Berlin School of EM has been a source of inspiration.

Since I was 12, I have been creating my own music and I have released two albums: Pythagoras in 2012 and Mirrorland in 2013.

On this website I will keep you up to date on my musical journey and share some nice music with you.

Enjoy the music!

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A look back on E-Live 2014


IMG 1216Back home and rested after a fantastic E-Live 2014. The day started early, to build up my set. It was the second performance I did and the first time playing in the main hall. When I arrived, there was noone, so I had all the time and space to build up. When everthing was set up and wired, we did a soundcheck. Then I had some time to chat with people, browse through some cd’s and get ready for  my performance.

At 14:30 Ron announced the first artist and I got behind my synths. The hall was filled with around 200 people, which was really amazing and I enjoyed playing there. After two songs, I did an improvisation on the Nord Stage, then I played two more songs. In total I played three songs from my album Mirrorland and one brand new song. After I finished my set and got a huge applause, I played one encore, another piano improvisation on the Nord Stage. Then my performance was done. It went by really fast, but I had a great time playing there!

After that, The Roswell Incident had their set, which I also wwith John Dysonatched a bit of. Then, at the break, I was at my stand, selling my CD’s (of course!) and my ‘roadies’ broke down my instruments, to make room for the next to performers. Next up, after the break, was Gert Emmens, who played a great set and closing the evening was Manuel Göttsching, one of the founding fathers of EM.

I met a lot of nice people and had a nice chat with John Dyson, who gave me some good advice. Of course I sold some more CD’s and when the festival was over, a few of us went out for a really late night dinner and had shoarma! That was fun, but also necessary, as I had been so busy with th

e show and chatting with people I missed the dinner!

After a good nights rest, I look back on a fantastic day. It was a real privilege to open the E-Live festival and play for so many people. Now I am going to re-build my

studio and get back to working on some new music. And on the recordings of the show, as my performance was filmed with 3 HD camera’s, so we will view the material and definitely put something on YouTube, but we might look for something special with the footage…

with Manuel Göttschning








These are the songs I played:

The First Frontier (Mirrorland part 1)
Time Windows (Mirrorland part 7)
Improvisation #1
Artificial Infinity (Mirrorland part 8)
Out of Reality (new track)
Encore: Improvisation #2

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