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E-Live 2014

This was the last track I played in my performance at E-Live 2014.

Synthex - Live at E-Day 2013

Synthex - Live at E-day 2013 - First set

Here you can watch the songs Synthex performed at the E-Day festival, in the right order. These are the songs that were performed in the first set of the day. With his first sey, Synthex had a highlight in the history of E-Day, as never before there were so many people in attendance!

Analogue Solutions

Hitchhiker in Space (featuring Gert Emmens)

Modulator (an inprovisation, featuring Gert Emmens)

Mirrorland part 2

Synthex - Samos

Synthex - Samos

Synthex - Pythagoras smallA track from the debut album Pythagoras, that was released on October 27th 2012. The video was filmed in the Dream Studio, by Marcel Haster of Live Prog, who also did the editing.  The album is available in CD, MP3 and FLAC format at

Synthex is also nominated for a Schallwelle Award 2012! You can support him by voting here:

Synthex - Hitchhiker in Space

Synthex - Hitchhiker in Space

A new, spacey track by Synthex and for the first time accompanied by a real video clip, created by Marcel Haster of Live Prog.

Synthex - Onyx (cover)

Onyx - a Space Art cover

After having discovered the music of the French band Space Art, featuring Dominique Perrier (of Jean Michel Jarre fame), Synthex was inspired to bring his version of this 1977 electronic gem.

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